Welcome to Houston Precision Fasteners (HPF), a manufacturer of high strength, close tolerance aerospace fasteners since 2001.

In the midst of the current aerospace market downturn, HPF continues on its carefully charted course of responsible business development, deliberate re-investment of sales revenues into capacity/capability expansion, and most importantly, people-focused customer care.

OEM approvals anchoring the growing HPF business base include Boeing IDS, Lockheed Martin Aeronautics, Bell Helicopter, Northrop Grumman, and Gulfstream Aerospace.In June of 2009, HPF moved into a newly constructed factory, designed to facilitate an intuitive work flow, capacity growth for current processes, the addition of manufacturing and testing processes, and the eventual significant expansion of factory square footage. While growth of HPFs business base and manufacturing capabilities are noteworthy, continued success will be driven by our valued customers, one personal experience at a time.

We invite you to see how Houston Precision Fasteners can be a valuable partner to your business!

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Houston Precision Fasteners
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Houston, Texas 77041-7552
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